About Us

Profile :
"The codfish lays ten thousand eggs, the homely Hen lays one. The Codfish never cackles to tell you when she's done, so we scorn the codfish while the humble hen we prize ....."

We will be the hen for the Codfish .....
And for the hens out there, we will intensify your cackle to get you all the attentions.

Equipped with 12 years of experience in providing Advertising and Promotional services to the clients from various industries.

The USP :
For us, quality in our deliverables is a given. We stand apart in the way that we deliver. Our motive is to take some load off our client’s backs and build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Being a smaller organisation we can manage to keep our prices extremely competitive and provide customised solutions that fit perfectly into your budget.

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